Find Your Fireworks ~ 2017

The Fourth of July is upon us once again!  It's time for picnicking, relaxing, celebrating, and some good 'ole American fireworks!  We've done a deep dive and researched where you can pull up a lounge chair and watch the spectacular in your area.  Happy 4th to you...

The Best of Summer 2017

Summer conjures up memories from the past.  Sights, sounds, smells, and thoughts of time spent with family and friends, with a good book, listening to music, going to the beach, and relaxing with a cool drink.  Summer 2017 is upon us so it's time to make some new...

Fenway Park is Arguably the Most Famous Ballpark in the MLB

It was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in March of 2012, a month before the centennial of the field. Seating is varied as the ballpark has been modified over the years which makes it very interesting, historic, but interesting. On our last visit we were in a older section and my knees literally touched the seat in front of me. 9 innings of that wasn’t going to work so we spent the game walking around the stadium, which was awesome. Grogs and dogs all around!

Bartholdi Does Boston

The frieze atop this tower was designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi in 1876. If the name sounds familiar, he is the same French sculptor that created the Statue of Liberty. Other famous works by Bartholdi include The Lion of Belfort in France and the Bartholdi Fountain in the US Botanical Gardens in Washington DC to name a few.

Make Way For Ducklings in Boston’s Public Garden

The bronze sculptures depict Mrs. Mallard and her 8 ducklings as they cross the park. Seeing them will most definitely bring a smile to your face. Being nearly life-sized you’d think they be tricky to find, however, all you need to do is search for the group of giggling children and happy adults near the gate at the corner of Beacon Street and Charles Street.

The Loeb Boathouse is a Central Park Classic

For a classic and immersive Central Park experience make sure that you reserve a seat at the The Loeb Boathouse. Reservations are required so book early to guarantee a seat, however, you can always stop in and get on the waiting list to be seated.  There isn't a bad...

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