At 850 feet above the bustling Manhattan streets below, the Top of the Rock is one of the best places to catch the spectacular views of this vibrant metropolitan area.

It all starts with the inventive and truly unique elevator ride where you get a clear look up the elevator shaft in which you are traveling to the 68th floor.

Matt Emerson WBNL NYC View From Top of the RockThere are viewing areas on 3 levels and we like this observation spot more than the Empire State Building because you can SEE the Empire State Building, which makes for great pics!

Of course, Rockefeller Center is masterpiece of design as well which you can enjoy from the moment you step into the impressive Art Deco lobby.
For another great view of the city visit Sixty-Five, the cocktail lounge on the 65th floor. What a great way to enjoy drinks and delicious appetizers in the sky. Side note – don’t miss a trip to the bathroom while you’re there. The views from there are out of this world as well!

The world famous Rainbow Room is open again offering dinner, special events and entertainment high up in the skyline of NYC. It’s important to call ahead for an accurate time if operation.
We never miss a stop here and always see something new.

Get Up and Get Out. Be forever Wandering But Not Lost.

Top of the Rock