Matt Emerson WBNL Boston Fenway ParkFenway Park is the oldest and arguably the most famous ballpark in the MLB. Bostonians are, and should be, proud of this stadium. No matter who your home town team is, seeing a game here is a great experience. If you’re traveling during the season take a peek at the schedule and pick up tickets – it will energize your stay!

It was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in March of 2012, a month before the centennial of the field. Seating is varied as the ballpark has been modified over the years which makes it very interesting, historic, but interesting. On our last visit we were in a older section and my knees literally touched the seat in front of me. 9 innings of that wasn’t going to work so we spent the game walking around the stadium, which was awesome. Grogs and dogs all around!

One of the best parts of the experience is taking the T to the game along with thousands of Red Sox fans. You will feel like a local before the day is done!

Get Up, Get Out, and Play Ball. Be forever Wandering But Not Lost.

Fenway Park