Entering Sequoia National Park from the East

Entering Sequoia National Park from the East

You can enter Sequoia National Park the easy way via SR-180 from the north or SR-198 from the south out of California’s Central Valleyor – you could take the more adventurous path and enter via the Mt Whitney Trail on the eastern side of the Sierras.

Matt_Emerson WBN Mt Whitney Entering SequoiaOf course this route requires a permit, elevation acclimation, a good pair of hiking boots, water, and an 8.9 mile hike, which includes 99 switchbacks, up to Trail Crest at an elevation of 13,680 feet. No matter how you get there, Sequoia National Park is an inspiring place to wander.

Matt Emerson WBNL Mt Whitney Switchbacks

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December 14, 2015