Matt Emerson WBNL NYC Public Library Winnie the PoohNext time you are walking by the main branch of the New York Public Library and need a little boost of youth take a detour for look at the original Winnie the PoohPiglet, Tigger, and Kanga that were the toys of Christopher Robin Milne.

The inspiration for A.A. Milne, the animals of the Hundred Acre Wood came alive on the pages of his classic children’s stories. When you see these in person you can’t help smiling and taking a quick trip back to your own childhood.

“When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.” ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Put on your Big Boots and Get Up and Get Out! Be Forever Wandering But Not Lost!

Children's Reading Room, NY Public Library