Matt Emerson WBNL NYC Grand Central and Chrysler BuildingSeems as though at every turn in midtown Manhattan you stumble upon another iconic and historical site, in this case – 2! The shimmering art deco style Chrysler Building and the mighty Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central is one of the world’s most famous transportation hubs. The terminal has reinvented itself many times since the late 1800’s and is currently enjoying a renaissance of sorts as it is a popular place to eat, drink, and shop for those passing through, or as a destination all to itself. From the Shake Shack to its world famous Oyster Bar there is a dining selection for you. For a truly unique NYC bar experience make your way to the  Campbell Apartment, the luxurious office of 1920’s tycoon John W. Campbell which has been meticulously brought back to life. It’s tucked away on the West Balcony or you can enter through the entrance off Vanderbilt Ave. Oh, there are trains and subways here too! Who would have thought!?!

The sleek and alluring  Chrysler Building was completed in 1930 and, for a brief 11 months, reigned as the tallest building in the world until the opening of the Empire State Building. The desire to conquer the skyline in NYC had become an obsession and those who could afford to play in that game would go great lengths to create a buzz and secrecy around their projects. When the plans for the Chrsyler Building were unveiled the builders of 40 Wall Street, which was in construction at the time modified their design so that they would surpass the Chrysler Building in height. Once the word was out on this an ingenious plan was devised to create the 186 foot spire that now sits atop the building. After it was built in several parts, it was assembled and then erected in around an hour and a half pushing the Chrsyler Building higher than 40 Wall Street – a surprise to them as they were sipping champagne claiming victory of building the world’s tallest. Although there is no observation tower here you can take a quick peek at the stunning art deco lobby as you pass by.

Midtown is a walk through time. Get Up and Get Out and be forever Wandering But Not Lost.

Campbell Apartment, NYC