Glacier National Park Transports You to Another Place!

Glacier National Park Transports You to Another Place!

Matt Emerson WBNL Glacier National Park Logan Pass Hidden LakeHidden Lake, in Glacier National Park, is a beautiful alpine setting that will transport you to another world.  The colors are magnificent, the air is clean and fresh, and the terrain is rugged yet peaceful.

The trailhead for this short 1.5 mile hike (about 450 feet in elevation gain) is located at Logan Pass, the highest point in Glacier NP reachable by automobile.  Stop in the Visitor Center here to learn about the area, there are a number of fantastic hikes that begin at or near here – all worth consideration.  If you only have time for one though, the HIdden Lake trail is the one for you.

You have the opportunity to really get a feel for Glacier here.  A good stretch of the hike is on a wooden boardwalk which makes it great for people of all ages.  You will literally not know where to look next as this area is a cornucopia of sights.

If you hit it right during the summer months the wildflowers are spectacular.  The bright purples, yellow, & pinks of the flowers against the vivid greens of the grasses, the deep blues of the lake & sky and the browns & reds in the soil & mountains makes this a rainbow riot of color.

You’ll see patches of snow as you walk along as well, a reminder that you are indeed in a Park named Glacier.  Speaking of glaciers, you will also get the chance to get a peek of a section of Sperry Glacier.  Due to our changing climate conditions the glaciers in the area are melting at a higher rate over the past decade and many will be mere memories in the not so distant future.

If you are lucky a pack of mountain goats may join you on your trek.  We saw many but a couple of them joined us as we hiked.  Not sure why, but we affectionately started calling them Steve. And to this day, any and all four-legged friends in the wild are called Steve.  Just thought I’d give you a heads up on that so you will know how to introduce yourself should you run into any.  Beside goats, you may also encounter marmots and big horn sheep.  Grizzly bears are indigenous to Glacier, so you should always be bear aware.

The lake itself is stunning.  You can stop at the overlook and take in the sights or you can continue down and dip your feet into the freezing water.  There is a pretty good grade to this portion of the hike and the path becomes pretty narrow, but you will lose a majority of the crowd if you take this extra leg and it is great to get right down into the valley and next to the lake.

So much to see and do in Glacier NP, it is a great place to wander.  Get out and #FindYourPark!


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November 29, 2015